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              I am a 3D character animator who's constant ambition with my scenes is to make people feel emotion. Anywhere from spreading smiles from face to face, to tracing  an unnerving chill down the spines of my audience, if people feel something while tuning in to my work, I am one happy camper!

              I  went to school at Savannah College of Art and design in Georgia, and am currently working on a project over in Glendale, California animating remotely for Steamroller Technologies!  Originally from a smaller town in Arizona, moving across the country (and even to another country) has been such a delightful experience for me. Not only have I been mentored by some of the best animation professors/animators in the world, but I have also met some outstanding buds that push me  to be better, while still embracing the eccentric, fun-loving person I am  today.

              Animation is absolutely a passion of mine, but that is not the only thing I enjoy! Stargazing, hiking, basketball, and dancing to some sweet tunes are just a few other activities I love. Lastly, this wouldn't be a true "About" page if I didn't mention my favorite foods, which are pizza, and my mama's shepherd's pie.

It's Cade!

Cade Parker Photo
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